Retirement Party Cake

Retirement Party Cake Wordings/ What to write on a Retirement cake/ Retirement Party Cake Sayings/ Quotes For Retirement Party Cake/Best Wordings For Retirement Party Cake 

* Time To Sit Back And Relax 
   Enjoy Your Retirement Max

No More Mondays, Every Day is Sunday
   Happy Retirement To Mrs Adray

* Happy & Healthy Retirement! 

* We Will Miss You
   Happy Retirement Mr Andrew! 

* Bye Bye Tension! Hello Pension! 

* Thank You For Your Dedication 
   Happy Retirement & Congratulation!  

* Congratulations on Your Retirement! 

* May your Retirement Days be filled 
   With Joy, Fulfilment and Fun 

* Enjoy your Retirement Mr Robins
   Fun and Relaxing Time Begins! 

* Weekdays Are The New Weekends Now 
         Happy Retirement Mrs Kelly

* Relax & Time to Enjoy Your Life
   Happy Retirement Dear Wife

* Congrats! You Earned a long Weekend
           Happy Retirement

* 7 Day Weekends Adventure Awaits You
           Happy Retirement

* Happiness is Here at Last! Days of 9 - 5 are Past! 
   Congratulations on your Retirement

* Leaving So Soooooon! 
   Happy Retirement Ms Rebecca!

* Time For New Adventure & Dentures 
               Happy Retirement 

* 9 to 5 is Finally Freaking Over 
   Enjoy Your Retirement Mr Grover

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