Baby Shower Cake

Baby Shower Cake Wordings/ Baby Shower Cake Saying/ Best Baby Shower Cake Wordings For Boy/ Baby Shower Cake Phrases For Girl/ Unique Baby Shower Cake Sayings For Boy or Girl

* May God Bless our New Baby Girl and You!

* Girl or Boy - We welcome you our special Bundle of Joy!

* Gorgeous Gift of Love from Heaven Above!

* Pink or Blue – Which one are you? 

* Pink or Blue – If We only knew?

* Pink or Blue – We Love You!

* Peek a Boo – We can’t wait to see you!

* Boy or Girl – We Welcome You!

* Pink or Blue – Really no Clue! 

* Hip Hip Hooray...
   Our Little Angel is on her way! 

* Congratulations to Our New Mom to be!

* May God Bless the Baby & You!

* Our Love Keeps Growing Stronger 
   Come Soon Please we really can’t wait longer!

* Girl or Boy – Will be Great Bundle of Joy!

* Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
   How we wonder what you are?

* Someone special someone dear
   Some one New is almost here!

Diapers, Bottles and Pins 

  Real Fun is about to Begin! 

 Sample Baby Shower Invitation Wordings 

Baby Shower Cake Wordings For Twins/ Baby Shower Cake Saying For Twins/ Best Baby Shower Cake Wordings For Twins/ Baby Shower Cake Phrases For Twins/ Unique Baby Shower Cake Sayings For Twins

* Chubby Cheeks, Bouncing Curls, 
    Lotty is having 2 Little Girls! 

* Best of Luck For Twin Adventure!

*Bottles, Booties, Diaper, Pins...

  Can You Believe Sarah’s Having Twins!

* Two By Two, So Much Fun...

   Do you know? Sandra’s Having 2 Not One!

*One, Two, Buckle Your Shoe 

  Twins are coming & so much to do!

*Double the Diapers, Double the Fun... 

   We Are Having Two Not One!

*Oh, Baby - Baby!! Twins are Getting Ready!

* Two Little Faces With Matching Grins 

   Nothing Could Be Sweeter Than Having Twins!

* Double the Feedings, Double the Toys...

   Rebecca is  Having 2 Little Boys!

* Twice as Precious Twice the Fun!

* Double Blessings, Double the Fun 

   Half the sleep for everyone!

* Double the Diapers Double the Pins 

   Here come the lovely Twins!

* Double the Pleasure and Double the Fun 

   Rachel is blessed with more than one!

* We prayed for One, God Blessed Twice! 

   One Girl and One Boy - Oh How Nice!

* Lotty is having one little girl and one little boy 

   Lets all share the Joy!

* Double the feedings and Double the Toys

   Samantha is having a girl and a Boy!

* Two by Two here they come 

   Having Twins is so much Fun!

* Two little angels sent from heaven above 

   A boy and Girl to cherish and Love!

* Two Boys or Two Girls? God Only Knows!

* Ten Toes Up and Ten Toes Down 

   Mommy’s Gift For Messing Around!

* Two Blessings in one Labour!

* Twins - The Look Alikes are on their Way! 

* Congrats - For Twin Win! 

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