Bridal Shower Cake

Bridal Shower Cake Wordings/ What to Write on a Bridal Shower Cake/Bridal Shower Cake Sayings/Quotes For Bridal Shower Cake/ Best Messages For Bridal Shower Cake 

If you are planning a Bridal Shower party for your sister or friend make it more special and unique by writing a heartfelt and thoughtful message on the Bridal Shower cake. Read on to find the perfect Bridal Shower cake saying right here.

* Showers of Blessings & Good Wishes 

   For Soon to Be Mrs!

* Love Makes Life Sweeter Congrats! 

* Showers of Love and Happiness! 

* Best Wishes For Future Mrs! 

* Finally! The Hunt is Over! 

* Loads of Hugs and Kisses
   For Soon To Be Mrs! 

* Wishing you a Sweet Life Together! 

* Lets Enjoy This Sweet Delight
  Tanya Has Found Her Mr Right!

* Sweetest Wishes For Soon To Be Mrs! 

With Loads of Best Wishes
   From Miss To Mrs

* To the Sweetest Bride To Be!

* Mr Right Hunt is Over! Congrats!

* Best Wishes For Our Future Mrs!

* Wishing You A Sweet Life As Sweet As This Cake!

* To Dear Laura Congratulations
  Are You Ready For Celebrations!

* Love Is All You Need Sweety!

* The Big Day is 12 Days Away!Congrats Tanya!

* Sweet Things Happen To Sweetest People 

Enjoy And Get Set For The Marital Fun!

* Bouquet Of Good Wishes
   For The Miss To Mrs

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