Farewell Party Cake

Farewell Party Cake Wordings / What to write on a Farewell Cake/ Farewell Party Cake Messages/ Sample Wordings For Farewell Cake

Make the farewell party cheerful simply by writing a thoughtful message on the delicious and colorful farewell cake. Read on to find simple but nice farewell party cake wordings right here  and feel free to use them.  Happy reading!

* Thanks for being the best. Till we meet again!

* Farewell and good luck on your new career!

* Thanks for all the happy memories!

* Goodbye and Thanks for everything!

* Goodbye! Stay Professional!

* Goodbye and surely we will miss you!

* I know it’s not the end. Good luck!

* Thank you for the memories we’ve shared together!

* Good luck to your new life! Farewell!

* All the best for you! Goodbye and Good luck!

* Goodbye! I hope to see you again.

* You will be missed by everyone! Take Care.

* Life is full of surprises! Good luck from all of us.

* Goodbye friend! Always take care!

* Friends will be forever friends. Farewell!

* Thanks for the good memories. Good Luck!

* Farewell! Many blessings as you go.

* Thanks for being a good friend! Goodbye and Good Luck!

* We wish you all the best! Happy Goodbye!

* We will miss you! Thanks and goodbye!

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