Wedding Cake Wordings

Wedding Cake Wordings/ Wedding Cake Messages For Wedding Cake/ Wedding Cake Quotes/ Special Wedding Cake Wordings/ Wedding Cake Sayings/What to write on a Wedding Cake

* Mr and Mrs Davis! Congrats!

* Happily Ever After!

* Better Together!

* I Do – Me Too!

* You and Me Always & Forever!

* And the Marital Adventure Begins!

* Love is in the Air! Congrats! 


* To Infinity and Beyond!

* Love and Laughter & Happily Ever After! 

* Happy and Sweet Start! 

* Is'nt Love Delicious and Sweet! 

* Two Hearts United as One! 

* Showers of Blessings & Happiness! 

* You Complete Me! 

* Two Hearts That Beat As One! 

* A Beautiful Affair of the Hearts! 

* Best Friends For Life - Husband & Wife! 

* Happy Married Life!

* Wishing You Both Love and Happiness! 

* To the LoveBirds! 

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